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After several months of flooding all across the UK, we could be forgiven for associating pumps exclusively with the removal of flood water.  However, there are other situations in which pumps are required; irrigation, waste water removal, snow melt, slurry pumping, drainage and landscaping are some of the most common.

Typically, pumps are used to move water or other light fluids (including light chemicals) either away from where it is not wanted or to where it is needed, for example to irrigate farmland or leisure facilities like parks, sports grounds and golf courses.

The range of pumps available is huge, with a choice of power source (usually petrol / diesel or electric); differing pumping capacities and there are also some submersible pumps which can be placed directly into the water or other liquid.  Pumps can be bought or hired from a wide range of outlets or purchased directly from the manufacturers.

Having selected the best pump for the job, the next task is to find the best hoses and fittings for the pump.  Again, the choice can be bewildering.  Winster offer a range of hoses that meet the requirements of most pumping tasks, with a selection of hose diameters to fit all the most popular pumps and a choice of hose lengths.  We use our 60+ years experience in the hose industry to help our resellers build the best range of hoses and accessories to complement the pumps they offer and our large warehouse enables us to respond quickly to periods of high demand e.g. extreme weather conditions.

When selecting a range of pump hoses to stock, resellers will need to consider a number of factors:

Applications – what are your customers most likely to be doing with their pumps?  What liquids are they pumping, over what distances and in what environments?  Our product web pages and specification sheets list the most common applications for each of our pump hoses.

Suction and Discharge hoses – generally, the hose used to draw liquid into the pump will need to handle higher pressure and will often be reinforced.  The pump used to discharge the liquid will not usually need to handle such high pressures and therefore may not require reinforcement, so for instance a layflat hose could be suitable.

Rubber or PVC?  Hoses are usually made from one of these materials and come in a different colours.  Depending on where the hose will be used, the end-user may need a material that is more robust to protect against damage in use.

Hose strength – the Winster range includes many reinforced hoses, containing a steel helix, shock-resistant PVC spirals or a polyester yarn between layers.   All our hoses have a pressure rating which shows the standard pressure in BAR or PSI that the hose is designed to handle, and also a safety factor which indicates the peak pressure the hose can withstand.  You can read more about safety factors in our recent blog article.

Hose diameter and length – Winster hoses are available in a range of sizes, which are usually expressed as internal diameters (ID), although the external diameter is always shown in the product specification sheet.  We also provide hoses in a variety of standard lengths, up to 100 metres.

Temperature – for every hose, we provide a rating to show the extremes of hot and cold temperatures in which the hoses are designed to work safely.  These range from 70⁰C down to -40⁰C.

Space – pump hoses are often only used occasionally, and therefore need to be stored properly when not in use to take good care of them.  Larger reinforced hoses can take up considerable space when coiled whereas layflat hoses are very compact.  When using and storing hoses, it is important not to bend them too tightly as this could cause damage to the hose.  The bend radius shown on our specification sheets gives useful guidance.

Fittings – the pump hoses will need to be connected to the pump; typically this will be with a coupling.  Winster can provide Bauer-type leverlock couplings, lug type couplings (BSP, URT), Camlocks & Claw couplings.    It may also be necessary to connect lengths of hoses to pump liquids over long distances for example with our layflat extension kits.

Our most popular pump hose products are shown below, you can click on each image to go to the product page where you will find all the information mentioned above, or you can contact us for help in developing the most appropriate range of hoses and accessories to meet the needs of your customers.

Medium-Duty Blue Layflat Hose






Medium-Duty Yellow Layflat Hose







Super-Flexible Green Tint Water Delivery Hose









Green Medium-Duty Suction and Delivery Hose









Water Suction and Delivery Hose









Black Water Delivery Hose









To find out more about how Winster hoses and accessories can grow your sales and profits, send us a message, send an email to sales@winster-hose.co.uk or call us on 01902 606010.

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